The Communications of the Blyth Institute (CBI) is an exciting new project of the Blyth Institute. As the size and scope of the Blyth Institute has increased, we felt a need to provide a formal outlet with which members, fellows, and their colleagues can engage in discussion and debate, as well as provide updates of current projects.  The journal publishes twice yearly, and is available both in print and online.

Journal Policies

Copyright and Open Access Policy

CBI is not an open access journal, though many of our papers individually are open access.  CBI maintains the right to elect to make any accepted paper open access or not, and to change that status in the future.  Authors are given a PDF preprint of their paper which they may archive on a preprint server or on their personal website, regardless of the whether the paper is published as an open access paper.

Copyrights of all papers are maintained with the authors.  However, by submitting a paper, the author agrees that upon publication CBI will be granted unlimited perpetual rights to the paper in both physical and digital forms, has the right to sell the paper both individually and as part of the journal, and may additionally use the manuscript as part of future collections.


All submitted content should list the names of all authors who made significant contributions to the final product, whether in research or writing.  Copyediting and reviewing does not necessitate inclusion in an author list, though authors may include them if they wish.  Authors should have the copyright to the works that they are submitting.  Authorship carries the responsibility for the correctness of the publication.  If someone has contributed to the publication but does not wish to assume responsibility for the final result, they may be included in an acknowledgements section instead.

Submission Process

Manuscripts can be submitted via our online submission form.  Please do not submit a manuscript if it is presently under consideration elsewhere.

Peer Review

CBI's peer review process is intended to make sure only high quality papers are included in the journal.  Papers are sent to 1-3 qualified reviewers with identifying information removed.  Reviewers analyze and critique the paper, and their comments are sent back to the editor.  The editor, based on the reviews, can choose to reject, publish, or request manuscript changes prior to publication.  Reviewer names are not revealed to authors, and author names are not revealed to reviewers.  All original research papers must go through the peer review process.  Letters, perspectives, tutorials, and prospectuses for future research projects may be peer reviewed or editor reviewed at the discretion of the editor.

Post-Publication Review

After publication, readers are encouraged to comment and critique papers through the Letters section of the journal.  Letters should generally be between three paragraphs and three pages long.

Author Fees

CBI does not presently charge author fees or page charges, but may choose to do so in the future.  Any future changes in this policy will be reflected here.  CBI is published in full color, and authors are encouraged to include color figures in their manuscripts.

Complaints and Appeals

Complaints or problems with the journal should be sent to  These will be followed up on within two business days, though resolution may take longer.  Appeals on editor decisions can be sent to, and will be followed up on within three weeks.  All complaints and appeals are taken seriously by the journal.


CBI does not presently allow advertising within its journal.